Sunday, December 6, 2009

Grow Traffic with Page Title Tweak

This post is about a pretty simple modification to your template to tweak the appearance of the page titles of your blog, which will result in a traffic growth of 10% (or perhaps more). The steps for this customization was referred to me by Mark, who is a frequent visitor to my blog.

The default Page Title in Blogger blogs appear in the order of [Blog Title] : [Post Title]. What this modification does is simply to reverse this order such that it becomes [Post Title] : [Blog Title]. With the Post Title in front, your blog's posts get a higher relevance score to keyword searches than when it is at the back.

I applied this tip at the beginning of last October and I can confirm that I saw an overall traffic increase of approximately 10% in the past two months (see figure below from my actual SiteMeter stats). My posting frequency remained almost the same, and I didn't to any other optimization during this period. So I can safely attribute this traffic growth to this neat tip introduced by Mark.

I recommend this modification for your Blogger blogs as well. For the details of the conversion please go here.