Thursday, July 15, 2010

HOWTO: Link to All Posts of a Given Day

If you have several posts written on a given day and want to create one link to all of them, here's a little tip that will help you to achieve that.

Even though there is no direct way of getting this done, you can use Blogger's Archive feature as a workaround. All you should do is to set your archive frequency to Daily. (Settings -> Archiving -> Archive Frequency). Then the Archive widget will show a breakdown up to a single day. (see figure below)

Each day in the widget carries a link to a page that lists all the posts in that day. That's the reference you need to use to link to all posts of a given day. Even if you don't have the Archive widget, you can still make up the URL for a given day. It has the format http://<your blog address>/YYYY_MM_DD_archive.html.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Blogger Stats

Blogger has announced a feature which was long overdue, visitor stats. This will bring in an integrated Stats tab to the Blogger admin console that provides an analytics-type visitor statistics service. This will eliminate the need to install third party visitor meters such as Analytics, SiteMeter etc. in your blog.

The feature is currently in beta. Login to to experience it.