Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pages coming to Blogger!

Update: 2010 Feb 20
The pages feature has graduated from Blogger in Draft and now is a regular service.

It is just a little over a month ago that I wrote that we cannot have pages in Blogger. However, the test bed of Blogger, Blogger in Draft, has recently announced a pages feature in Blogger.

This, no doubt, will be an exciting news for most of the Blogger users out there. With pages one can easily create static pages such as About Us or Contact Us to hold information that don't change as often, but which needs to be easily accessed by visitors to a blog. This feature will be accompanied by a widget which helps to manage pages and display them easily either as a tabbed navigation bar or sidebar links.

It is still in beta stage and hopefully will be available in the primary Blogger service soon. You can try out the feature by logging in to

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Domain Transition Complete

This is to inform you that I have completed the domain name transition from to

The FeedBurner feeds should work without a problem, as I have not changed the feed address.

Thank you,