Sunday, December 20, 2009

Add Pages in Blogger

"How can I add pages to my Blogger blog?"; this is a frequent question on Blogger Help forums, which I think comes from bloggers who have used other blogging platforms such as Wordpress.

The simple answer is that you cannot add pages to Blogger blogs. But, of course, there are workarounds.

Most people who ask about pages have a requirement to direct the readers to some key pages in their blogs such as an About page or a Contact page.

There are some simple workarounds to achieve the desired effect. In all cases, you would need to write normal posts with the content that you want in your pages. Once you publish those posts, one way to get the pages effect is to add a simple navigation bar at the top and link to your relevant posts from there. (for example, see the navigation bar for this blog)

Another alternative is to use a Link List widget or an HTML/Javascript widget in your sidebar and linking to the required posts from that widget. Placing such a widget at the top of your sidebar with a suitable caption can catch enough attention from your readers.