Saturday, December 6, 2008

Getting Better

Since its inception, The Blogger Guide has had a more technical focus. I’ve written about the basic of the Blogger template, explained the intricacies of converting to 3 columns and how to add custom CSS styles to Blogger. Then, there are the extremely popular step by step guides for three column conversions and wider post areas for many of the famous Blogger templates. And recently I completed a detailed series of posts looking at the internals of the Blog Widget.

Being a Computer Engineer, it’s no wonder that I have been writing articles with a technical focus. One of the primary objectives of this blog was to explain the technical details of Blogger, for the average non-technical user, in clear, simple English. Looking at the reactions from my readers, I can safely assume that I’ve been successful in doing that.

Starting from today, The Blogger Guide will expand its scope beyond the technicalities of Blogger. As the first step, I will venture in to one of the most sought after topics by bloggers, blog monetization. In other words, I will write about how you can make money blogging! But, without being a yet another listing of money making tips, I intend to offer a more complete guide including what those avenues are, how to incorporate them to your Blogger blog and their income potentials.

That’s not all. Tips on search engine optimization, Blogger templates and template design tips are all in the pipeline. And rest assured, I will continue to offer the technical assistance that you all found useful so far.