Friday, December 19, 2008

Contextual Advertising – Yahoo Publisher Network

Article Series: Blog Monetization

In the previous article, we looked at contextual advertising in general. This one will take a detail look in to one of those schemes, the Yahoo! Publisher Network.

Yahoo’s Publisher Network (YPN) is pretty much similar to Google AdSense in operation. Content Match is the AdSense counterpart and, in addition, YPN offers RSS ads. To get started, you need to sign up for a publisher account.

Displaying ads is just like in AdSesne, where you have to select from one of many ad formats and color schemes. Then you can attach an optional Reporting Category (similar to AdSense Channels) to that ad unit. Once defined, all you have to do is to copy the given ad code in to your blog or web site. In Blogger, the ad units can be easily incorporated with the use of an HTML/Javascript widget.

Unlike AdSense, Content Match does not impose a limit to the number of ad units that can be displayed on a page. One caveat, however, is that you cannot display ad units from another publisher in the same page in which YPN ads are displayed.

Earnings are on a Cost-per-Click basis, so your income potential depends on the numbers of visitors and the number of clicks they make. There are 4 payments methods and PayPal is one of them, allowing for convenient and quick receipt of earnings.

Compared to AdSense, availability of easy ad filtering by way of ad categories and sub categories is a plus. Additionally, ability to receive payments via PayPal is another important advantage over AdSense.