Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Blogger Widgets

Widgets are the add-ons to your blog. Some of the widgets such as Blog, Archive and Header come by default when you select a template. Also there are many other different types of widgets offered by Blogger that you can plug in using the Add Page Element option in your Layout editor.

This is an article series that will cover the details about the different types of widgets available on Blogger and their possible uses. In each of the articles in this series, you will find simple illustrations of those widgets as well as the finer details about them.

The currently available widgets are:

  • Text
  • Blog
  • Archive
  • Profile
  • Labels
  • HTML/Javascript
  • List
  • Link List
  • Header
  • Picture
  • Slideshow
  • AdSense
  • Feed
  • Newsreel
  • Video Bar
  • Logo
Last Updated: 2008 May 17