Wednesday, February 20, 2008

HOWTO: Ignore your visits from Feedjit

As I mentioned in one of the previous articles, Feedjit offers a simple yet elegant set of widgets to monitor blog traffic and page popularity. The power of those widgets is their simplicity. You can install them in no time, and they load up very quickly.

Another feature I liked most is the ease in which we can ignore our own visits (or internal visits as they are called sometimes) to the blog. Just at the click of a button, it will install a cookie and you are done.

Here's a simple illustration on how to do it.

Click on the "Options" link at the bottom of your widget.

Then click "Ignore my browser" and it will install the cookie to ignore visits from that particular browser.

Once you ignore, the link will change to "Stop ignoring me", which you can always use to stop ignoring your visits.

You will have to do this for each browser (i.e. Firefox, IE etc) that you use to visit your blog.