Monday, February 18, 2008

Feedjit – Real time Web Traffic

Feedjit offers an exciting set of widgets to monitor the traffic to your blog or web site in real time. They are very lightweight and easy-to-install widgets and you can set up them in no time.

There are two main types of widgets.

  • Widgets that show Live Traffic
  • Widgets that help to guide your visitors to the best content in your site
Traffic Widgets
The traffic widgets either show a list or a map overlay of recent visits. The map widget is a miniature version and clicking on it will give you an expanded view of the same data.

The list view gives the city, country, and the source page of the incoming visitors and lists the last 10 visits.

The expanded map view which is an overlay over Google Maps shows the last 100 visits by country, and clicking on a given visit will show you the pages viewed from that visit.

Content Widgets
There are two content widgets; one that shows a Recommended Reading List and another which shows Page Popularity.

The Recommended Reading List is a good way to minimize your bouncing rate (i.e. visitor who leave your site from the page they entered itself) and the recommendations are derived from the viewing of past visitors. It is similar to Amazon’s “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” recommendation.

The Page Popularity widget lists the 10 most read articles in your site and offers an effective method of guiding your visitors to your best content.

Once you install a widget you get a separate stats area for your site or blog in the Feedjit’s main site. The expanded map view of your site is available from this stat area.

Installing a widget is really simple. Blogger and Typepad users can do it with a single click.

Clicking on the Blogger button will take you to Blogger’s Import Page Element page and once you click ADD WIDGET it’s in your blog. Alternatively you can copy the Javascript and add it using Blogger’s add HTML/JavaScript element feature.

Compared to Google Analytics (GA), the Feedjit widgets are much simpler and easy to use. They offer you real time traffic updates whereas GA is updated once a day. GA offers a far more advance and comprehensive set of statistics but if you simply want to keep track of visitors to your site, Feedjit is ideal. What's more you can easily filter out your own visits to the blog at the click of a button. So you can track the actual external visitors, which is a real plus. You can also customize the color scheme and width of each widget to match your site.