Saturday, May 16, 2009

Technorati Authority

In a previous post, we looked at the Alexa Traffic Rank and its importance. This one will take a peek at another popular blog ranking method called the Technorati Authority.

Technorati is a blog search engine that indexes millions of blogs around the world. Because of its massive index, it can instantly identify which blog is linking to which other blogs in the blogosphere. This data is used by Technorati to calculate a metric which they refer to as authority.

Stated simply, Technorati Authority is the number of blogs linking to a website in the last six months. Higher the blogs that link to a given blog, higher the authority it has. A blog will get more incoming links if it is writing quality, authoritative content that is accepted by others.

Because only the links that are made during the last six months are counted towards authority, one needs to keep producing better content to be able to get new links. But even old articles which are discovered by new visitors to a site may attract new links. Multiple links from the same site are counted only once. But a recent link from such a site will refresh its vote for another six months.

One problem though is that only blogs which are on Technorati, or in other words, which are indexed by Technorati will add to your authority. If a blog which is not listed on Technorati links to your blog, Technorati is not able to count it.